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Be Part of 
The River's Course

27. 5. 2023, 16.00

Mezi ploty

„Listy na vodě unáší proud, dej mi jen na chvíli do tebe nahlédnout.“

Vojtěch a Irena Havlovi

An international dance and theatre event with live music that will connect performers and musicians from around the world with people suffering from mental illness in a single performance. Under the artistic direction of an American-Canadian creative team, dozens of project participants worked together to create a collaborative performance that will not only be a multi-disciplinary viewing experience, but also a celebration of togetherness. Be Part of The River's Course is an intense message that diversity does not undermine community, but is irreplaceably enriching.

map of the performance

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The performance is part of the two-year international Be Part! project, which connects communities across countries, languages cultures and generations, using the artistic process as a tool to promote civil society development, a sense of belonging and visibility for marginalised groups. Its implementation has been made possible by financial support from the EEA and Norway Grants, the European Union through the National Recovery Plan, the Ministry of Culture and the State Fund for Culture.

Concept and project management: BPART - Lenka Flory, Michaela Kessler


Artistic direction: 44 Arts Productive & Michèle Steinwald in collaboration with NCDC & Nichole Canuso


Musical dramaturgy: Irena & Vojtěch Havel


Performers: Thorgerdur Atladóttir (IS), Nichole Canuso (USA), Levin Eichert (CZ), Joseph Fleischer (USA), Audur Huld Gunnarsdóttir (IS), Lila Hurwitz (USA), Eun Jung Choi (USA), Agáta Jarošová (CZ), Sam Johnson (USA), Lara Hereu Macho (CZ), Tiffany Margelin (IS), Gabriel Marling Rideout (IS), Yuliana Palacios Figueroa (IS), Marie Svobodová (CZ), Michèle Steinwald (CAN), Orkun Türkmen (CZ), clients of PNB and the non-profit organization Fokus Praha, members of the Bohnice Theatre Company and others. 


Production: Giulia Sandroni


Partners of the project: Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, Fokus Prague, Bohnice Theatre Company and Studio Citadela

The performance will be presented as part of the Mezi ploty festival. If you're only visiting our performance, you can register and get free entry:

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