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Be people in art.

We connect communities across countries, languages, cultures, generations ...

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Be Part!

Social and artistic project that uses the creative process as a tool to support the development of civil society, a sense of belonging and the visibility of marginalized groups. 


A two-year cycle of work in three cities with three world company and three communities. 

Projects like this are one of the important pillars of civil society and a recognized tool for supporting its development. They have the potential to activate groups of citizens subject to discrimination, prevent psychological problems in people at risk of social exclusion, help prevent addictions and crime and can be used as a tool for communication, inclusion and fostering a sense of belonging.


What's new?

115. 4. 2023

A series of practical meetings - workshops led by professional performers, which will conclude with a joint performance at the Mezi ploty festival. The meetings are mainly intended for patients of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital and other people suffering from mental illness, but everyone interested in the practice of artistic community work is welcome. No experience, skill or physical fitness is required to participate. 

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