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with the Italian ensemble Zerogrammi


15. 10. 2022

For work with the refugees and asylum seekers community in Reykjavík we approached an internationally acclaimed ensemble Zerogrammi from Italy, and its performance Elegìa delle cose perdute.

The project Be part of Elegìa delle cose perdute is the second part of the two-years long international project Be Part!, which takes place in Brno, Reykjavík and Prague in 2022 and 2023 and brings together artists and organizations from several countries around the world.


The basic pillar of the Be Part! is a bilateral collaboration between artists and organisations from the Czech Republic and Iceland, to which professional artists from another country are invited within each part of the cycle (Brno - Mexico, Reykjavík - Italy, Prague - USA and Canada) .

Snímek obrazovky 2022-11-10 v 12.09.07.png


Zerogrammi is a dance company founded in 2001, directed by choreographer Stefano Mazzotta, supported by Piedmont Region, City of Turin, and MIC/Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage. The organic journey of discovery, leading to creation (over 30 titles realized in collaboration with theaters and festivals in Italy, Russia, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Germany) comes to compositional work through dramatic and choreographic research, social and educational projects, residences built around specific anthropological and geographical interests, practice of languages such as photography, plastic arts, literature, to give to the creative work new signs, new meanings and an experience-based baggage representing the essential tool with which we come to the construction of our artistic work, renewing its sense and urgency. (...) From these concept have arsose creations that embrace inspirations and stimuli from the most diverse worlds. Literature and philosophy, tradition and everyday life have given birth to original and sharp, ironic and intense performances, works marked by a careful integrity (Hystrio Award 2013).

Be  Part of Elegìa
delle cose perdute


Elegìa delle cose perdute (Elegy of Lost Things) is inspired by the novel Os Pobres by the portuguese author and Historian Raul Brandao. The landscape evoked by this literary reference, on the edge between raw, sour, dreamlike and illusory, reflects a nostalgia, a Sehnsucht, a memory as matter that traces back our roots and identity and, at the same time, the separation from them and the feeling of moral exile that arises from it: a dream of impossible returns, anger facing the time that annihilates, a send-off from what is lost and that has marked the map of our inner journey.


This creation investigates around the topos of the exile beyond its geographic significance, thus about the moral condition concerning anyone who may feel an alien in their living world, in a state of suspension between the past and the future, hope and nostalgia. The desire that this condition implies is not the one of an immobile eternity but the one relied to ever newer genesis and to a place that remains, a place where it comes alive with a rebirth as a living matter, helping you to resist, to last, to change.


Bodies and landscape dialogue in this elegy of void that remains. They recognize themselves in a common desire, in somersaults of thoughts, in a gait which is vertigo and abandonment to a suspended and cyclic time of a waltz, form of a nostalgic sadness in its cyclic and suspended pace, asking to be celebrated and crossed, within a desire not of possession but of belonging. And here along with this logic, suddenly every idea of possible misery or poverty vanishes, there is nothing left that could be really lost.

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