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24. 5. 2022

LOStheULTRAMAR is a performance of a Mexican ensemble, which will be complemented in Brno by 5 Icelandic and 5 Czech artists AND ALL OF YOU.


We invite everyone who wants to become part of a big international project.


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In the evening of July 29, Meeting Brno will present the performance LOStheULTRAMAR in the streets of the city, whose protagonists will be, in addition to a large international ensemble composed of Mexican, Icelandic and Czech professional performers, mainly Brno residents.

The performance, which takes the form of a stylized parade with live music, will be the culmination of a three-week joint work by professionals and members of the local, especially Roma, minority, as well as other minority and majority residents of Brno.

Join the iconic open-air performance

The procession of more than 100 people of different origins, ages, experiences and languages ​​will pass through the city. This large group sends a clear message to the audience that whatever we are, in the end we are all the same and our pains and joys have the same basis.

What do you think?


Great! When do we start?

Sign up in the form.


Sounds great, I want to know more. 

Come to the Salón Continental - the first information session and a sample of the latest Foco alAire repertoire. 

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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